Committees, Foundations and Patrons

The Kunstmuseum Basel operates under the legal term „Öffentliche Kunstsammlung Basel“. As a public institution it reports to the Erziehungsdepartement [Ministry of Education] of the canton Basel-Stadt. Binding conditions are set up in the Museumsgesetz [Museum Law] of June 16th 1999 and the Verordnung [regulation] of December 19th 2000, in which the collaboration with the Board of Trustees is regulated as well.

The Kunstmuseum works together with numerous foundations, committees and associations and is supported by them in various ways. Some of these the Foundation for the Kunstmuseum Basel, the Friends of the Kunstmuseum Basel, the Emanuel Hoffmann Foundation and the Im Obersteg Foundation.

Patrons and Sponsoring

The collection of the Kunstmuseum Basel is one of  international reputation. The study and development of this collection is one of the most important missions of the museum. Today’s museum public, however, not only wants to encounter the permanent collection, but also expects interesting programming such as rotating and special exhibitions to present various aspects of art in a unique manner.

To realize this challenge, we are dependent on the support of private donors. Help us to keep the Kunstmuseum Basel a distinguished museum of international rank in the future to come!

Support of the Kunstmuseum Basel may be done via the following institutions:

› Stiftung für das Kunstmuseum [Foundation for the Kunstmuseum Basel]
› Freunde des Kunstmuseums Basel
[Friends of the Kunstmuseum Basel]