Von Bildern. Strategien der Aneignung

29.08.2015 – 24.01.2016 | Museum für Gegenwartskunst

Cy Twombly

Painting & Sculpture

12.09.2015 – 13.03.2016 | Museum für Gegenwartskunst

Cézanne to Richter

Masterpieces from the Kunstmuseum Basel

14.02.2015 – 21.02.2016 

Joseph Beuys

Installations, Actions & Vitrines

Free admission to the Museum für Gegenwartskunst


Admission to the Museum für Gegenwartskunst is free for all visitors through mid-April 2016. The Emanuel Hoffmann Foundation and the Christoph Merian Foundation have generously defrayed the expenses associated with this open invitation until the end of this year.


For more than twenty years, the Fund has regularly supported the Museum für Gegenwartskunst’s exhibition programming. During the closure of the Kunstmuseum, the Fund hopes the people of Basel and the surrounding region as well as visitors will avail themselves of this special opportunity to discover the museum on the Rhine and immerse themselves in its art.

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Tue–Sun 10am–6pm
Mon closed

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St. Alban-Rheinweg 60
CH-4010 Basel
Tel. +41 61 206 62 62
Fax +41 61 206 62 52

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The museum is wheelchair-accessible .


Free admission to the Museum für Gegenwartskunst

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