11.10.2014 - 05.04.2015


One Million Years - System and Symptom

Curator: Søren Grammel


Andreas Slominski, Angled Fish Trap from Helgoland,1998, Kunstmuseum Basel

Modern life happens in systems. These systems obey their own invisible logic. The exhibition One Million Years presents artists who work with systems: in cool, playful, and often so rigidly consistent ways that they put a spoke in the wheel of normal systemic thinking (e.g. Hanne Darboven, Sol LeWitt, Simon Starling). Others render invisible social systems visible. They detect situations in which the logic of a system comes to light with surprising clarity as a symptom; and we see how social identity and normal life are regulated by social sys­tems (e.g. Henrik Olesen, Fiona Tan, Andreas Slominski). The title One Million Years alludes to a work by the artist On Kawara on display in the exhibition that engages with the system of time and history.


Museum für Gegenwartskunst Kunstmuseum Basel