Landscapes by Van Gogh’s Contemporaries

Works from the Collection of the Kunstmuseum Basel

The Landscapes is accompanied by a presentation of landscape paintings
by his contemporaries. When Van Gogh arrived in Paris in 1886, he had only
a rough idea of current tendencies in French painting. Thanks to his brother
Theo, who was an art dealer in Paris, he quickly discovered the full spectrum
of contemporary trends. As the artists appreciated Theo, they welcomed his brother Vincent with open arms. Soon Vincent was coming and going in the studios of the French capital. Coming to grips with the impulses of contempo-
rary French art would be a decisive experience that helped him to unleash his own artistic potential. He made friends with some of the artists, among them
Paul Gauguin, who later visited him in Arles. Van Gogh became acquainted
with other artists via their works, which he saw in exhibitions or was shown by

The exhibition brings together landscape paintings by the older, middle and younger generations of French artists. The start is made by works by Camille Corot, Edouard Manet and Edgar Degas. Impressionist landscapes are represented by artists such as Claude Monet, Paul Signac, Auguste Renoir,
Alfred Sisley and Camille Pissarro. They are joined by the other great fore-
runners of modern art: Paul Gauguin and Paul Cézanne. These perspectives ultimately lead to the fiercely coloured landscapes of the Fauves André Derain, Georges Braque, Maurice de Vlaminck and Henri Matisse.


Camille Pissarro  (1830–1903)

Snowy Landscape near the Hermitage, 1875
Oil on canvas
54 x 73 cm
Kunstmuseum Basel, mit ordentlichen Ankaufsmitteln und einem Beitrag der Max Geldner-Stiftung erworben 1991

Camille Pissarro  (1830–1903)

The Hermitage, Pontoise, 1878
Oil on canvas
55 x 65 cm
Kunstmuseum Basel, Geschenk einiger Kunstfreunde, mit einem Beitrag der Basler Regierung erworben 1912

Paul Gauguin  (1848–1903)

Landscape with Red Roof, 1885
Oil on canvas
81.5 x 66 cm
Sammlung Rudolf Staechelin, Depositum im Kunstmuseum Basel 2002

Claude Monet  (1840–1926)

The Mediterranean at Antibes, 1888
Oil on canvas
60.5 x 73 cm
Kunstmuseum Basel, Depositum der Dr. h.c Emile Dreyfus-Stiftung 1970

Paul Cézanne  (1839–1906)

The Dovecote at Bellevue, 1888/1892
Oil on canvas
54.5 x 81.5 cm
Kunstmuseum Basel, Schenkung Martha und Robert von Hirsch, Basel 1977

Auguste Renoir  (1841–1919)

Landscape near Essoyes (Landscape with two Figures), 1892
Oil on canvas
46.5 x 55 cm
Kunstmuseum Basel, erworben mit Mitteln des staatlichen Ankaufskredits und einem Beitrag "in memoriam Paul Joerin" 2000 

Paul Cézanne  (1839–1906)

View of Mount Sainte-Victoire from Lauves, 1904/1906
Oil on canvas
60 x 72 cm
Kunstmuseum Basel, mit Beiträgen der Regierung des Kantons Basel-Stadt, des Erziehungsdepartements Basel-Stadt, der Firma CIBA AG, der Firma J. R Geigy AG, der Firma Sandoz AG aus dem Meisterwerk-Fonds erworben. 1955

Claude Monet  (1840–1926)

The Footbridge over the Water-Lily Pond, 1919
Oil on canvas
66 x 107.5 cm
Kunstmuseum Basel, mit einem Sonderkredit der Basler Regierung und einem Beitrag der Max Geldner-Stiftung erworben 1986