16 January – 14 March 2010
Museum für Gegenwartskunst

Old Ideas

Silberkuppe is not only one of Berlin’s most vibrant independent spaces for contemporary art and culture, but also an artist’s meeting place. Since their inaugural all-night opening just over a year ago, Silberkuppe has initiated a colorful array of convention-challenging presentations, exhibitions, talks, screenings, music and performances. At the Museum für Gegenwartskunst they will present a selection of new, site-oriented productions from a diverse group of artists under the banner “Old Ideas”. For Silberkuppe, some “old ideas” are new again and the notion of the “cutting-edge” or “contemporary” rests on cushions called “yesterday” with its feet up on a stool called “tomorrow”. Throughout the course of the exhibition, Silberkuppe will host a variety of social evenings and events in their own unique and inclusive style.