11.02.2012 - 20.05.2012

Róza El-Hassan - In Between
Drawings and Objects

Kuratorin: Anita Haldemann


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Róza El-Hassan (b. Budapest 1966) is one of the most prominent representatives of contemporary Hungarian art. Over the past twenty years, the artist's drawings, objects, installations, and actions have earned her international renown. Drawing is a constant companion of her art and at times its central element. In the earlier works, a conceptual approach predominates; since 1999, she has created diary-like drawings and collages. Her works on paper are always light and delicate, remaining open and tentative. For the artist, who has Syrian as well as Hungarian roots, drawing as a research technique always also implies a quest for her own identity. Between ornament and protest, her drawings negotiate fundamental issues of artistic autonomy, political relevance, and aesthetic aspiration.