22 April 2008 - 13 July 2008
Museum für Gegenwartskunst

Emil Michael Klein
Manor Art Prize Basel

Curator: Jacqueline Uhlmann

Emil Michael Klein (b. 1982) makes drawings, prints and paintings. His
drawings, a cross between collage and abstract watercolours, are reworked
with ink, lacquer and felt pens.
Originally trained as a traditional wood carver, the artist makes his frames
and supports by hand, thereby addressing the question of the classical
framed picture and the expanded field of painting. He extends the two
dimensionality of his works through a combination of superimposed
layers, surfaces and transparency, creating objects characterized by a
distinct idiom of their own. Klein’s interest in the border area between
picture and object comes to the fore in his latest work, his so-called
abstract “behind glass painting”. His work unites classical craftsmanship
with modernist and formalist developments.

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