27 April 2008 - 17 August 2008

Robert Delaunay
Hommage à Blériot
Curator: Roland Wetzel

Hommage à Blériot is a work of great importance not only in Robert
Delaunay’s oeuvre but in the Kunstmuseum collection as well. It unites
the lyricism of a “simultaneous” palette and avant-garde motifs to create
a fireworks display of intense colour. For the first time, this exhibition
presents (almost) all of the preliminary studies and versions of Hommage
à Blériot, allowing viewers to consider and compare them. They are
complemented by several important loans that show the interplay between
abstract and figurative subject matter. Sonia Delaunay’s painting Prismes
électriques, which was first seen alongside Hommage à Blériot at the
“Salon des Indépendants” in 1914, will also be on view. It is a highlight
of the collaboration between the artist couple. The exhibition presents
as well the recently completed restoration of the work, which owes its
velvety luminosity to the use of fragile glue tempera.

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