Corsin Fontana, a native of Chur who has been living and working in
Basel for many years, will show four groups of work on paper created in
late 2006 and 2007. Whereas his circular and oval compositions of the
90s were based on simple geometrical forms, his recent work has given
way to a more radical vocabulary of exclusively horizontal and vertical
lines in countless variations. As if writing in code, he either covers sheets
of paper with mostly horizontal lines in different lengths and at rhythmical
intervals, or he draws variations on vertical lines that meander across
sheets of adjoining paper. In his most recent large-format drawings,
Fontana uses coloured crayon, drawing lines of a relief-like materiality
that resemble brushstrokes and form an almost completely compact
surface. The off-white paper and lighter layers of color underneath look
as if the light were penetrating narrow cracks between the superimposed