18 January 2008 - 4 May 2008
Museum für Gegenwartskunst

Avner Ben-Gal
Curator: Philipp Kaiser



The work of Israeli painter and draftsman Avner Ben-Gal (b. 1966)
shows barren landscapes with burning houses and isolated figures. The
implied narratives have nothing in common with the propagandistic
images of the mass media which confront us from the Near East day
after day. Instead they create a reality that interprets recent history
within the framework of their own poetic and fantastical universe. At
the same time, the grim undertones of these often mythologically or
allegorically charged pictures engage in subtle reflection on the artist’s
painterly means. Hence, the dreamlike scenarios literally escape
observation, being obscured and sometimes even invisible under a
monochrome veil of colour.
Avner Ben-Gal has been represented in international group and solo exhibitions. The selection on view in this solo exhibition at the Museum
für Gegenwartskunst Basel will include some of his most recent
paintings and drawings.

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